TEDxFTU 2019: “The Uncategorized”

TEDxFTU 2019: “The Uncategorized”

Break the mould, show your true shape!

Everything in this world should be categorized, shouldn't it?

“This ball must belong to the right bin because it is black.” or “His behavior is intolerable and against the norms.”

Obviously, those are just some of our thoughts every time we acknowledge something. Is it verifiable that people always define surroundings with an “invisible” name? And that, unintentionally and inevitably, becomes a chain which tightens settings that originally do not belong to those defaults.

This May, TEDxFTU 2019 promises you - the young - an outstanding inspiration to expand, calibrate and perfect the worldview as well as to create precious values for our community.

TEDxFTU 2019 - Who are we?

TEDxFTU was first held in December 2012. After five seasons with some remarkable successes, TEDxFTU - a unique occurrence for people living in Ho Chi Minh City with a limited number of participants - has derived from its old TEDxYouth@FTU and captured an intense impression on the young generation in HCMC. Now TEDxFTU has become TEDxFTU.

TEDxFTUis not only a conference but also a place for true values spreading to the community as the spirit of TED Global “Ideas Worth Spreading”. Together with many interesting and impressive changes, TEDxFTU 2019 promises to bring you one of the best experiences you've ever had in such a TEDx event.

Why “The Uncategorized”?

According to Merriam - Webster Dictionary, “Uncategorized” refers to be “not arranged in any specific grouping” or “not able to be put into a defined category or class.

The official theme “The Uncategorized”: Have you ever “categorized” anything before? “It must be a certain type that has existed before”, “It must belong to either this group or the other one”, “Good - Bad”, “Black - White” as long as it is obvious. However, there are still remaining things that we cannot instantly and easily define or categorize them, and they are usually put into the “Others” option. Having comprehensive analysis, we then realize those things themselves, with their intrinsic essence, will create a new path, new norms and constitute their original standards.

A society will be treading water if we do not pave the way for new ideas to form and develop. For that reason, each of us needs to equip ourselves with a broader mind, a flexible way of thinking and be adaptable to certain things that have not been or cannot be “categorized” precisely; in order to devise a premise as well as a belief in the development of a new category in the future. As a result, this mindset may ignite creativity and also eliminate the benchmarks and outdated stereotypes, which leads to outstanding social reforms.

Your comfort is our top priority and here are what awaits you in TEDxFTU 2019

05 speeches of 05 renowned speakers from 05 different professions

03-04 artistic performances

02 selective TED videos from TED Global Interactive activities with speakers and other attendees

Well-prepared tea break and astonishing thank-you for supporting presents

Detailed information about TEDxFTU 2019: “The Uncategorized”

10th April 2019 – 10th May 2019: The ticket gate is ready on our official website: http://tedxftu.com/

19th May 2019: Main event TEDxFTU 2019: “The Uncategorized”

Venue: Ship of Knowledge Building - No. 215 Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 15, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

Date and Time: 4.30 PM - 9.00 PM on  Sunday, 19th May 2019.

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